Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nearing the end

Well, I had a doctor's appointment on Friday and found out some frustrating news. First of all, my body is no more dilated than it was 10 days ago. And second, the head was HIGHER than it was last appointment. We couldn't even set an induction date and I am due next week! I tried not to be frustrated, but I won't lie...I cried when I left.

But encouragement from my family and friends reminded me of a few things...
1. Labor can happen quickly. The body can go from nothing to labor in an instant.
2. I could have been given false hope. Some people go in to find they are dilated to a 5, their doctor says something like, "you will go into labor any day now!" but stay pregnant for a couple more weeks.
3. I won't be pregnant forever. Paxton must need more time.

So, I will keep on keeping on. And I will embrace these last days/weeks of being pregnant. This is my last time to feel the kicking and movement inside, so I want to enjoy the miracle that is happening. Thanks Lord for the joys and blessings of motherhood.

Friday, May 27, 2011

to remember

Elsie says "ask-a-dent" instead of accident. It sounds so cute, and she always says it was so much emphasis and heart.

Jenna needs lots of hugs and love right now. She also wants to hug Paxton (my belly) constantly. I know that soon enough she will not want as many hugs so I'm loving all the love.

At night when I sing to the girls, Elsie pulls up her shirt, grabs my hand, and puts my hand on her belly so that I will rub it. She loves a good belly or back rub. She is a physical kid in so many ways.

Jenna listens to lyrics in the songs she hears and always asks about them. A month or so ago I had to explain a Taylor Swift song to her (You Belong with Me). Makes for an interesting conversation. She is so observant and thoughtful.

Elsie's story tonight:
"Mom, I have a funny joke. Once upon a time there was a cow. And there was a frog in the cows mouth. And there was Tinkerbell in there. And the cow said 'humm humm humm' and then the cow opened his mouth and the frog came out and Tinkerbell too."
Me: that's a good story Elsie
Elsie: No, it's a FUNNY story mom!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paxton's room

Faith came over the other day when both our husbands were working an evening shift and helped me decorate Paxton's room. We had dinner together and let the kids play and play and decorated all the while. It was a nice way to spend an evening without our husbands :) Anyways, here is the (nearly) finished product! I'm really happy with how simple and clean it looks, and I love how the gifts I have been given all work together to make the room so special.

The vintage Mickey sign from is Alison. Faith suggested we use a ribbon to hang it on the wall. It turned out so cute with the red polkadots. And the quilt on the chair is all Disney characters. My RD from college made it for me when she found out we were pregnant with Jenna! I haven't been able to properly display it all these years because the girl's rooms were pink and purple. It's a beautiful quilt and works perfect in Paxton's room!
This is a puzzle Eric and I did on our honeymoon 8+ years ago! Again, we never had the right place to hang it, but now we do :) And the bookshelf, well, I never would have thought to make it so cute. I would have filled it with books...boring! Faith is awesome.
And Faith made this adorable sign. I love it. It is hanging by the door. How cute is that!!
My friend Julia made this piece of art, isn't is perfect!? Love it!
A close up of the vintage Mickey
This kind of gives you an idea of how the room is set up. But pictures never do justice to room decor. The bookshelf is to the left, and the changing table to the right.
The little Mickey's on the chalk board were made Ang. As much as she denies it, she is quite talented in the craft department :)
And this is the map that Eric modge-podged. Looks awesome.
So, that's it. The only thing missing from the room is Paxton! I have an appointment tomorrow so we will see how things are coming and also set an induction date in case he never wants to come out. Apparently I provide a very warm and cozy environment :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Faces of Elsie

She's an expressive little kiddo. Here are a few of her faces...

I need to get more of her mannerisms on video. Three year olds are so funny with all their expressions, vocabulary, and hand gestures :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I started reading the book One Thousand Gifts and want to continue listing my blessings on here. Thinking through the simple blessings from God is such an amazing way to focus on the everyday beauty and love that God showers upon us. And amidst the hard times that my family is going through with the death of Eric's uncle and aunt this last week, it seems like today is a good day to list a few blessings.

116. Galan and Jan both are in the presence of God now. They are pain free and in His Glory.

117. Family who is able to be together, grieving their loss but celebrating the lives of their precious family members.

118. The sun shining into my window and birds chirping this morning.

119. Flowers planted in the front yard.

120. Dirt under my fingernails.

121. Sweet sisters enjoying time together before bed.

122. Enough time in each day to do exactly what God would have me do.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We got to take a wonderful trip to the zoo with the whole family! Eric didn't have to work, Jenna didn't have kindergarden, and Elsie and I didn't have to work at GSCC! AND IT WAS SUNNY AND WARM! WOW! Anyways, we had a great morning looking at the animals. Here are some pictures from the day...

Helllooooooo 38 weeks!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Maybe it's because I wore myself out from the garage sale this weekend (which went great by the way!) or maybe I have just turned the corner, but I AM TIRED! A little over two weeks until Paxton is due and life is just getting a little more challenging. Even just last week I had so much energy, but now the energy is fading, the sleep isn't coming as easily, and my body is wearing out a little. But it is a blessing to carry this little guy and I am doing my best to enjoy the little things, like the crazy way he moves all around, and the way the girls want to give Paxton (my big belly) a hug goodnight. It is a sweet time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Paxton...

Well, here's where we are at with baby Paxton...
1. Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks pregnant! Is that full term or is 38 weeks? Anyways, we are getting really really close. It's hard to believe that we will be holding our first baby boy so soon!
2. I am feeling pretty good. Feeling big and awkward and all that stuff, but I also have a lot of energy for each day and am still able to physically take care of my little family. This is such a blessing. I didn't know what my arthritis was going to be like this pregnancy but I'm so thankful that it has been pretty smooth.
3. I am having occasional contractions but nothing too exciting.
4. I am not really all that emotional when pregnant, but I am a bit irrational and crazy. So I am looking forward to being back to my more rational self once Pax is born (not that it happens immediately, but soon). At least I am aware of my craziness, right? :)
5. Here's his little nursery, all Disney-ed up! We have it about 1/2 done. We are going to borrow a rocking chair and add some more decor. It's fun and bright and lovely.

6. Elsie and Jenna have been asking the question... How does the baby come out? Elsie is asking most of the questions, so I have been giving her answers appropriate for a 3-year old, "When it's time, mom goes to the hospital and God helps the baby come out." (That's the same type of answer I have her when she asked how the baby got in there). Now if Jenna starts seriously asking these questions I will need to be a little more prepared with an age appropriate answer. They are both very excited to meet their baby brother.
7. Next week I have another appointment to check on progress. I am assuming that there won't be much to report and that I will go past my due date, but who knows! I had to be induced with my girls (and my sister had to be induced with all her boys, and my mom never went into labor either!). So we shall see :)

We're about ready for you little Paxton! You are already so loved!