Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well I haven't had the camera out much lately, but life has been good and busy. Last week Eric's parents here here for a visit. We had a great time, but I didn't take a single picture. This is one that Mae took of us at the zoo. It was a cold day, but the omly day without rain last week, so we seized the day by pulling Jenna out of school and heading to the animals. It was fun :) I'm looking forward to some sunny visits there this summer. My Christmas present was a zoo pass!

One thing I have taken pictures of lately is our cute kittens. They will all be gone in about a weeks time. All have good homes except one. Hopefully we will find little "Tigger" a home soon. Here are some kitty photos. This first one is "Izzy", the kitten that Sam, Maggie and Miles get to take home. She is SO cute!
I love how kittens all snuggle together. So loving. When we first got our cats, they would snuggle like this all the time. We LOVE having two cats (hint hint Leah) so that they can keep each other company and play together.
Here's "Tigger". She's the one that still needs a home. She is sweet really friendly. And that spot on her eye is very endearing. She was the first out of any of the kittens to warm up to me and sit on my lap. Yes, it made me want to keep her forever. But then I came to my senses and remembered that we already have two cats, which is enough.
And of course puff-ball. We just found a home for this furry dude :) I've never felt such a soft kitten. He's a cutie.
Currently they are roaming around the house, being crazy kittens. And we are ready for them to find good homes. Don't get me wrong, we have LOVED the experience. And we LOVE each kitten. But it is time to officially turn the kitten room (formerly play room) into the baby's room and prepare for our next adventure.

Speaking of our next adventure, he is growing strong and is a MOVER!!! Never have I watched my stomach move the way it does when this little guy is moving around. It's crazy. It was a family event last night just watching my belly roll. I thought that our second born added adventure to our family... At the rate this little guy moves now, he is going to be an exciting addition to the Wood household! Though I suppose you can't really assume anything while they are in the womb. But it's fun to imagine what is to come :)

Other than that... Eric has been working on some wall hangings for Buzz's room (Elsie still wants to name the baby Buzz, so that's what we have been calling him for now). And his work is going great. He finally started the training program so hopefully he will move up to have his own store sometime next year. I have been nesting like crazy during the day, and then falling into an exhausted heap each evening. We've been at the park a lot, and outside trying to get the garden and yard back into shape. I'm not sure what the garden will be like this year, but for the sake of my heart I have to plant something out there! It's one of my favorite parts of summer. My dad is rototilling for me sometime soon, and I am thinking that something like Preen (but a little gentler since we have cats and kids) is going in the ground this year so that I am not weeding so much. Not that I'll be busy or anything :)

I guess that is a fairly thorough update. I think I will try to take some pictures of the kids soon so that I can post that instead of writing a novel. Maybe I will remember my camera for Easter at my parents house!


Faith said...

Like :)

(Maybe I do miss Facebook a little..just for that reason:)

Ryan and Michelle Moffat said...

Preen makes a product that organic for the garden. I think it is some sort of cornmeal based product. I am sure your dad knows much more on all of that stuff. Oh how I will miss my garden and picking berries. Maybe I will come back to do that (the picking berries part). Thinking of you in these last few weeks before your little man makes his appearance.