Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jenna's 6th Birthday!

Jenna turned 6 last week. Six. SIX! She is precious, and I love her so much! She loves reading (she amazes me, she learns like her daddy!), movies (again, just like her daddy), her new favorite game is yahtzee, she and our neighbor Haley could play together outside all day long (when the weather cooperates), she loves to laugh, and she is growing in the Lord daily.

We had a little friend party. All the little girls made her the sweetest cards. I am thankful that she has so many dear friends. We could have invited another 5 girls but I was a little overwhelmed with the idea of 8 girls by myself so I had to cut off the list. But I am so thankful for the lovely little ladies in her life.
The girls painted flower pots and did a great job. Even Elsie kept things clean and under control! These older kid bday parties are pretty fun! The girls also made their own ice cream sundaes. It was a fun day.
The following day we had a family party, but only my parents were able to come becuase my sister's family was down with all kinds of sicknesses. But it was really fun and special too.


Faith said...

Peyton had a blast. Such a good idea with the painting. Thanks for including her. Jenna is a special friend to Peyton. (as are you to me! that correct English?)