Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Here are some pictures from the past couples weeks...

Elsie working diligently on the Valentine's day cupcakes
Such a sweetie
Warning #1: If you lay on the ground at our house, Elsie will attack and lay on top of you. Just a warning.
Warning #2: Jenna will attack back, she zerberts and tickles
Very cute picture of my loves
Pretty Jenna, growing up to be such a lovely young lady


Mae said...

Awe, thanks for the pictures. I miss you all so much. Oh how I wish we could all live closer than 13 hrs.

one of nettie's girls said...

All the pictures are great but love the second one of Elsie. She just seems to have so much personality!

Shellee said...

Very cute pictures! You're girls are so beautiful!

ps. you inspired me (on Valentine's Day) to make a cake. ;-) So, I did. Adam loved it.