Monday, February 07, 2011

Bikes, Beach, and Baby update

Last week these three headed out to bike the neighborhood. It was so cute to watch Elsie keep up and have so much fun with the "big kids". She is doing great on her little bike.

Over the weekend, Eric and I escaped with some friends and headed to the beach! We had a short but very fun time laughing and enjoying the time away. We ate at Mo's, toured around Seaside, played games, and laughed a lot. It was nice to be away!

Whoa, sorry for the HUGE picture. I stole it from my hubby's facebook and it turned out ginormous! Oh well. I don't want to take precious nap time up to fix it.
Rainy Beach
Oh, this was a random bunny sitting outside of Mo's. We couldn't figure out if it was real or not, but then it twitched. He was just sitting there, probably late for some very important date.
And here is the baby bump. Pardon the small picture, but trust me you don't want to see it any bigger than this :) I am nearly 24 weeks along, and baby boy is kicking and having a jolly ol' time growing in my belly. I am finally past the "morning" sickness and feeling much better. That took a toll on me! We had a baby check up and things are looking great, measuring great, heartbeat is strong, etc etc. And a very exciting update for those who know me well... my doctor said it is safe to take Enbrel and breastfeed (three years ago they said there wasn't enough info)! This is a miracle. I am going to continue to research some more, and also try to just stick with my wheat free diet instead of medicating once the baby is here, but it sure it nice to know that the option is open!


Alison said...

Oh Megan, great news about the Enbrel thing! I will pray that you are able to nurse this little one for as long as you possibly can (and want to!).

Mae said...

That is great news. I too hope you can breast feed baby boy as long as possible. But will trust God to let you know your heart. Good news.