Thursday, January 06, 2011

Works for me

There is a website out there that does a feature called Works for Me Wednesday, where people share ideas that have "worked for them" in their life. I love that idea because some things are a great idea but not for your house or your kids or your season of life. Anyways, I have a few things that I have done around the house lately that have worked miracles in my home, so I thought I would share. They aren't brilliant, but they have made a big difference in my everyday life.

1. Water access. We don't have a fridge with automatic water in the door so the kids could never get their own glass of filtered water. The Brita we had was too awkward and heavy for them to pour on their own. And they couldn't reach the cups because they were up in the cupboard. Well, they could climb on the counters but the neighbor kids also need water a lot so I came up with a solution.

--> I put the cups in a bottom drawer (along with their plates and bowls) and bought a huge brita with a spout that lives in the fridge (or on the counter) that they can reach. Now, they don't have to ask me for water. Freedom for them, and one less thing that they need me for! It has changed my life in a small yet big way :)

2. Cleaning. When I am cleaning with a spray bottle and rag, the kids always want to help me. I don't like for them to use strong cleaners so I often said no or wouldn't let them spray. But this is against everything I believe in! I want the kids to learn to clean and to help me and to find joy in daily chores!

--> So, I filled an empty spray bottle with water and a little dish soap. Now they can really help me, they can do it all themselves, and I don't have to worry about them spraying strong cleaners in their face or something! Soap and water works for the kitchen table, floor, windows, bathroom, and much more.

Hooray for simple solutions that make a mommy's life happier and a child's life more independent!


one of nettie's girls said...

I remember another one of your "works for me" that you shared quite awhile back-the little lamp in the girls room that is on a timer. I have shared that with others whose kids want to crawl out of bed at an unseemly hour!

Faith said...

Love it! Love the simple things that make a big difference. Like me switching car seats around! Thanks for sharing