Thursday, January 13, 2011


Swagbucks. I love it. And if you haven't tried it, I must say that I think you should start!

It searches the internet just like google or whatever other search engine you use, but it rewards you for using their site. There are no tricks or weird things about it, I promise. I have been using it for about two years now and over that time have cashed in my rewards (or "swagbucks") for tons and tons of amazon gift cards! That's right, real gift cards! One Christmas I did most of my shopping using the money earned through the year on Swagbucks. Crazy. (Or, you could do Starbucks gift cards...or one of the many others they offer. Oh, and amazon sells diapers, wipes, cleaning stuff, along with all the fun things. Just sayin...)

Anyways, I advertise for them again because they have a new fun way to earn swagbucks. Playing games. I don't do a ton of online gaming, but I tried a few of their games and they are fun. And when you play games on their website, you can earn swagbucks! Great deal!

So, that's all. If you haven't signed up, it's time. Click HERE and sign up through me and to check out the games (I earn while you earn, thanks!) And if you are already doing the Swagbucks thing, you can check out their free games by clicking here.

If you do sign up, you get a signup bonus of 30 bucks. And then use the code SBGames to get an additional 30 swagbucks for signing up TODAY!

Okay, that's all :)