Monday, January 31, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

101. Elsie's speech. She has the cutest lisp right now!

102. A soft heart in Jenna, understanding the need for forgiveness.

103. Riding bikes, sidewalk chalk, and playing outside during these last few warm sunny days!

104. Laying nauseous in bed, but listening to the girls giggle together, and listening to their daddy take such good care of them.

105. A clean shower and bathroom.

106. 7 girls at church, spinning and dancing together while the men put the chairs away.

107. The hope of spring.

108. Both girls getting to feel the baby kick!

109. Healthy pregnancy weight gain (it's's healthy...)

110. Homemade play dough.

111. HOT water showers!!!

112. Sunday dinner at Taco Del Mar for $6 thanks to free kids meals and a buy one get one certificate from the entertainment book!

113. The entertainment that one of Eric's customers gave him for Christmas!

114. Eric's LOVE for his new position at Starbucks!

115. How easy it is to be thankful when I just take a moment to count my blessings.