Monday, January 17, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

This week was an amazing week for our family. After years of faithful hard work, Eric was rewarded for his efforts. I am so proud of him. So, I am thankful for...

91. Eric's hard work and diligence through the years, even when no promotions or recognition.
92. An award! On Monday Eric recieved "Partner of the Quarter" for his entire district!
93. A promotion! On Wednesday, Eric was promoted to ASM! I know Eric will do fantastic at his new store and new position!

And around the house, things are falling apart a little bit. The water heater doesn't work very well, the garage door isn't opening, and Eric's truck broke down last night. But, I am thankful still for what is working well...

94. A home that stays dry. Our leaks from last year are fixed and we are dry.
95. A car that works. I'm thankful that one of our cars works so that we could take Eric to work and still run errands for the rest of the day.
96. A garage! I remember living in an apartment when Jenna was a baby, and having to run through the parking lot in the pouring rain with her cuddled in my arms. Though I have to get out and manually open the garage sometimes, we can still park in the garage to be out of the rain!
97. Warmish showers :) Many people around the world don't have running water, let alone hot showers, so I am thankful.
98. A trusted mechanic and parents who are willing to help me get the car to the mechanic while Eric is at work.

And last but not least, this weekend is Eric's birthday and his parents are coming into town! So I am thankful for...

99. Eric will be 31, and I won't be older than him anymore :) And we will get to celebrate him!
100. Poppy and Mimi!! Our whole family is SO EXCITED for their visit. I am so thankful that I have such great wonderful in-laws! I am very blessed.