Monday, January 03, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

I really slacked on the Monday blessings for a while. I need to do some catch up!

70. I am very thankful for a brand new year. I love fresh starts. I love making goals and realizing where I have been weak. I need it!

71. For Christmas break. It was so fun to have Jenna and Elsie home all day every day. Jenna is back to kindergarden tomorrow and though I know she is really looking forward to it, I will miss her for those couple hours each day!

72. COLD weather. I'm thankful we have seasons in Oregon. It makes me really appreciate spring and summer.

73. Good sermons that encourage and convict.

74. Gymnastics! Both the girls will be giving gymnastics a try for a couple months this year! Thanks mom and dad for this wonderful Christmas gift!!

75. A warm home. Sometimes I complain about how small it is, and how cold it can be, but the truth is that we have exactly what we need, and many things we want. And I am thankful.

76. Parenting books that help me think through what I want to instill in my children.

77. A husband who has become very heath conscience in this new year! It is exciting and I love it! He is appreciating the low fat meals that I make! And though his weight is going down while mine is RISING, I am still thankful that he wants to be healthy :)

78. Baby kicks! The real ones, not just the flutters. I love lying still, thinking and praying for our little one, and feeling him/her move inside!

79. That tomorrow we find out (if the baby cooperates!) if we are welcoming a girl or a boy!! Yikes! I am a little nervous but excited too!

80. Days free of pain and nausea. There haven't been very many of them lately, so when they come, I am VERY thankful.

Any blessings you want to share on this lovely Monday?


Shellee said...

Tomorrow?!? You're that far along already? Wow! Can't wait to hear....when you're ready to share. ;-)

#75, it's like you're a fly on my wall!

I'm thankful for neck rubs.....I get them about 2 or 3 times a day! Love that man!

Mae said...

I am eternally thankful for you sweet Megan. You are the VERY BEST daughter-in-love I could ever have dreamed of. God placed you in our family and I am forever grateful. I love how you adore my son and how you are such a servant to him and how he loves to do things to please you. I love the way you mother my grand daughters. The way you teach them and train them in every area possible. I'm forever grateful. I love you with all my heart.


Jenne said...

Just thankful for you, my sweet nephew/niece-carrying sister.

I know, you know, but its your news. Not mine. :)