Monday, January 03, 2011

Healthy Recipe - Bean Burritos

Cooking for my family is a bit of a challenge this year. Eric is trying to cut calories and lose some weight, and I am wheat free and dairy free. So, between the two of us, there aren't too many meals that work. But I'm finding some good healthy ones, and adapting my menu so that the rest of the family can still enjoy wheat, while I don't feel too deprived! So, here is a winner of a meal, low cal and adaptable!

Bean burritos and white rice. This is Eric's plate. To save calories, I put chips on the plate (instead of putting the whole bag on the table) and only added a touch of cheese. Whole meal was about 700 calories. Maybe that sounds like a lot, but that is for two big burritos AND chips AND rice AND veggies!
Here's my plate. No tortillas but I put the taco fixings on top of the beans and rice, and of course no cheese. YUM! I ate it with my chips and it was delicious! It felt like quite a treat.
I cooked up the beans (16 oz) in the crock pot with some minced garlic (two cloves), a few shakes of cumin (maybe 1/2 t) and about a teaspoon of salt. Then I mashed them up once they were tender enough to mash.

Oh, and top it all with some cilantro and a squeeze of lime for a great flavor! Raw veggies with no dip saved us some calories too.

Healthy and delicious, and for me GF and DF!