Friday, January 14, 2011


I imported my pictures and realized just how athletic and active the kids were this past week! On Saturday the kids started gymnastics (Christmas gift from my parents). They had such a fun time and I can't wait for their next class (and they're excited too)!! Sorry about the picture quality, the gym isn't the best place for photos. One of these weeks I'll venture out and be one of those photo moms, but I wasn't ready to stick out on my first week watching.
The sun came out and so the kids went out to ride bikes for a while. It was cold (notice the hat and gloves) but fun. Elsie got a bike for her birthday but hasn't had much opportunity to ride. But she really got the hang of it the other day!
And then today my dad and I taught the kids how to ski! It was rainy but so much fun. The kids went from struggling to walk in the stiff boots to skiing independently down the hill! It was amazing. Kids learn so fast. I'll probably do a whole post on the ski trip because I want to remember the details and post a video :)
This has been a very fun week.


Mae said...

I'm so happy that the girls got to do so many different activities. I can't wait to watch them at their gymnastic class. I'll be there Thursday so we can have lots and lots of fun times and make more memories.