Tuesday, December 07, 2010

For the record...

Conversation between Jenna and Elsie...

Jenna: Elsie, too much sugar is bad. You shouldn't have too much.
Elsie: Ya, because then you get sick bad.
Jenna: Yep, very sick.
Elsie: And you have to go to the doctor and get a "Bound-aid"
Jenna: Ya, because you have to get a shot.
Elsie: Ya.
Maybe I have over-emphasized eating healthy :)

Elsie currently disagrees with everything I say. It must be an age thing. We are working on it but it is a hard habit to break. And here's today's proof of this fact...

I sneezed. And I said, "excuse me, I sneezed."
Elsie said, "No you didn't."

Um, okay.

Jenna plays a version of Pool (billiards) over at her friends house. They all call it "Pole" and she won't believe me that the game is called Pool. "Pole" makes more sense anyways.

Elsie often breaks into dance. It's like she can't help herself, when music starts she must boogie. Her move is a slow hip shake and then slow arm moves through the air. It cracks me up.

Elsie also prays silly short prayers. My recent favorite is, "God, thanks about my bootie."

And then today when I went to tuck Elsie in for nap time, I found her in bed, completely naked, except for her cowboy boots. Such a silly.


Faith said...

those all made me laugh!

Brandy said...

this makes me smile! oh the things we would miss out on if we didn't get the blessing of staying home!

Eric 'n Leah said...

Wow, better hope Elsie and Sam don't hook up someday...the talk would be all-bootie-all-the-time.

Jenne said...

HA! Loved this!!

Mae said...

I miss Elsie. Her sayings are always so funny. No one ever knows what she will say. BUT just boots to take her nap--too funny.