Monday, November 01, 2010


We had a wonderful time trick-or-treating last night. My sister's family and my parents all joined us for dinner (actually mom made delicious pork roast and soup and sister's family brought pizza!) and then for some Halloween fun in our neighborhood. The kids were all so cute in their costumes and they were so excited for the candy. There were two "scary" houses in our neighborhood, both of which we hit when it was still light out, so the kids all saw that the scary stuff is pretend. That was good. At one point Davis braved a scary house and walked up really close to a fake looking masked scare crow and as soon as he was close the guy said, "BOO!" and Davis screamed and all the kids were scared and laughing. But the people were nice to come and show that everything was pretend.

Anyways, here are the girls, Jessie the cowgirl and Tinkerbell
Our pumpkins
The kids, and my pirate mom!
Six cousins.
Look hard, Davis is the invisible man holding a pumpkin. He blends into the background a bit!


Jenne said...

it was a fun night! we will need to do it again! (and next year you will be sporting a tiny baby. Yeah!)

took me a few minutes to figure out why one of your pumpkins had a "W" on it. I kept thinking, "are the girls really THAT in love with Weston that they insisted Eric make one for him?" and then I figured it out.

Sure wish the world revolved a little more around me because I would have much less thinking to do.