Monday, November 22, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

61. Two girls who wake up each morning cheerful and even singing!

62. A sweet husband who loves to do special things for his girls, like bring them home hot chocolate as a treat.
63. My sister who is babysitting my girls for a few hours today so that I can run a bunch of errands without the kids (and go to Jenna's parent-teacher conference!)
64. A lamp timer. It is set up in the girls room to come on at 7am and they have learned to stay in bed until the light turns on. It is brilliant.
65. The Poppy-Wagon!! We can't wait to take a trip in Mimi and Poppy's RV!
66. Thanksgiving. It is Eric's favorite holiday, and I'm thankful we get to be with his family this year to celebrate. And with that, I am thankful for pinochle tournaments! And dominoes! And cousins and laughter and fun!

67. The Jingle Bells Arthritis walk, which raises money and has helped make the disease treatable. I am thankful that I get to walk this year, along with many family members! And it's on my birthday!

68. Winter coming and the possibility of snowmen and hats and hot chocolate!

(Jenna and Eric made this one a few years ago)

69. For Jesus.


Ginger said...

a light timer...BRILLIANT indeed. Much better than a blaring alarm clock, huh?

Jenne said...

thanks for letting me take the girls. it was really great to be with them!

Mae said...

I can't wait for my turn to help out--cleaning, organizing, cooking, playing with the beans, play-dough, puzzles, blocks, snowmen, tea parties. whew--we are going to be busy but the fun kind of busy.
Jenna and Elsie---Mimi's coming soon.

Amy Woodard said...

A lamp timer! I love it!! Might have to invest in those for our kiddos! And when is your bday?? I guess I can just figure it out if I look up the arthritis walk or even simpler, just look on Facebook! Mine is the 25th, that's why I'm wondering! ; )