Sunday, November 07, 2010

New Faith

To help Jenna grow in her faith, Eric and I bought her a "heart journal". It is meant to be a place where she can write and draw about God, and about the things God is teaching her. I gave it to her the other day and let her decorate it and start the first page. She is very excited about being a Christian and since confessing and believing she has initiated prayers at bedtime (she didn't pray much before) and wanted to give money to God this morning for church. This new faith seems to be growing, and we want to help her understand what it means to follow God.


Faith said...

What an incredibly precious gift Megan! Something she can treasure for years to come. You are an amazing mama.

Ginger said...

I gave Anessa a regular old notebook and told her to write her thoughts to God in it, like prayers. She's always been anxious to show me the pictures she's drawn, or verses she's copied down from her Bible that she likes. She uses it every morning, and I love to see the growth.
What a great idea of writing her a note in the front, documenting her salvation for her, and making it so special!

Mae said...

What a great idea for her to write how she feels and how God is teaching her. I love her illustration of the fruit of the Spirit. Her Mimi is so proud of her.