Saturday, November 13, 2010

Baby #3

I thought I should document a bit of this pregnancy on here every once in a while, and since I am nearing the end of my first trimester (praise the LORD!) it seems like a good time. I am feeling decent. I've had the 'normal' morning sickness that lasts all day and is at it's worst in the evening. My arthritis has been at bay except for a couple of flare ups. I hope and pray that it doesn't bare it's ugly face too many times during pregnancy. I think the food I am eating is helping, and the supplements too. I'm tired and about done at 7:30pm but I think that is very normal. I am pretty sure that no one else can tell I showing, but I can feel the little difference in my tummy. I have a lot of fears with a third baby, but I know that God is in control! And I am excited for the blessing of another baby. I can't wait until I feel a little better and can clean my house and cook without gagging. That will come soon right?! I hope so. I have had some pregnancy brain moments. Several in fact. For instance, the other day I put Jenna's art project IN the fridge. It looked strange in there. Looks better ON the fridge. Cravings? yes. Wine and sushi. Bummer huh. The kids continue to be excited and full of funny things to say. Elsie tries to stick her tummy out and 'get a baby' in her tummy. And Jenna is interested in what is going on with the baby, and also says very grown up things. The other day she saw another mom with a little baby and she said, "mom, pretty soon you're going to have one of those." True grown up daughter, true. Elsie asked how the baby "got in there" but since she is three I just changed the subject.

So that is what is going on in the land of baby number three. I have to give many many thanks to Eric for making MANY meals in the past weeks and for being patient with my sickness and woes. And my family has been so kind to help with meals and keeping me company to help the days go by :) I can't imagine being an island or superwoman trying to do it all on my own. It is just better to share the load.
Our baby is about the size of a large lime :) Cute huh.


Mae said...

awe Sweet one I am so sorry that you have had all day sickness these days and that I am so far away. At least we are on the west coast and I will be there soon to do what I can to help out. I will clean your house. Leave it for me and once the girls and I have had our play times I will clean from top to bottom and room to room while I'm there. Poppy can help me and he can help cook too. Just make us a menu and we will do the best we can.
I am so excited about grand #4. I'm a busy Mimi and I love it.
See you real soon.
I love you deeply. You are the BEST wife to my son and the VERY BEST mommy to my two terrific and wise grand daughters.