Monday, October 04, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

39. New chairs for our dining area! A crazy great deal at Salvation Army has allowed us to get some practically NEW chairs for a super bargain!! Now to find the right table... patience will pay off I think and hope!

40. A new believing friend trying to figure out how to follow God daily.

41. My husband, who is understanding, loving, patient, and very kind to me always.

42. Beautiful fall days and evenings.

43. Spending most every moment of sun at a different park! The kids have been loving it and me too!

44. Kids who are so happy in the morning. They rise early, are ready for school and the day without much of the "hurry up!!" talk, allowing for calm mornings. For YEARS I have struggled off and on with their early wake up times, but finally it has truly become a huge blessing in our family. (Remind me of this when they wake at 6:30am on Saturday...)

That's all for now... be thankful today!