Friday, September 24, 2010

Just want to remember...

Some examples from today of Elsie's new "barely obeying" technique...
1. Today at the grocery store, I was really cracking down on how the kids should behave. I told them to hold the sides of the cart... Elsie put her fisted hand right on top, sort of holding.
2. Also at the grocery store I looked the kids in the eyes and said, "don't touch the candy in the check out lane." Elsie went over to the M&Ms, put her hands hovering right above them and said, "not touching... not touching."
3. At dinner I told her to finish her bite so that she could have dessert. After dinner and dessert was done, I found her bite all chewed up and in her water glass.

And here is the bedtime routine...
Elsie: Goodnight!
Meg/Eric: Goodnight.
Elsie: I love you too!
M/E: I love you.
Elsie: I love you in the morning!
M/E: I love you in the morning.
Elsie: I love you in the night!
M/E: I love you in the night.
Elsie: I love you in the noontime!
M/E: I love you in the noontime.
Elsie: Goodnight.
M/E: Goodnight.

And if we don't reply, she keeps yelling and repeating. It is sweet and endearing...mostly :)
(I just did a typo - I put enduring instead of endearing, which maybe deep down I know that that enduring is a good word for my sweet kid.)


Faith said...

Oh Elsie Mae...she will love reading this when she is a quiet/compliant teenager, right? That's what I say about Luke at least:)

Keri said...

Oh my, Elsie-Roo!! You sure know how to make me laugh! I like how you put "barely obeying" in quotes. That girl...

Mae said...

Our little Elsie Roo is such fun. It's amazing how quick they learn to trick. She is very smart.
I miss her.

Jenne said...

Funny little stinker! LOVE the goodnight routine though!