Monday, September 13, 2010

Jenna's first day of Kindergarden

Jenna had a great first day of school. She was excited in the morning when she woke up and still just as excited during the walk to school, and still smiling and excited when we left her in the cafeteria. It was great to see her ready to face this challenge!
Here she is, looking beautiful and mature, and yet so young :)
Sister photo
The walk toward independence...
Love this picture
At the cafeteria ready to start her day!
She walked in the door with the same great smile that she left with. She loved her first day of kindergarden!


Faith said...

Yay Jenna!! So happy she loved it. Peyton can hardly wait for tomorrow! Our girls are growing up..when did this happen?

Bruce said...

Wow. What a day. Let me tell you, Megan, seems like you just turned around and suddenly she's driving off to Master's College. It's just a moment away. Scary.