Sunday, August 01, 2010

Pacific City

We headed to Pacific City last week and had a great time together. The weather was a warm with a chilly wind and sunny. The kids were thrilled to be at the beach. We spent the whole day just playing and relaxing, and then ended the trip at Red Robin :)

The kid immediately laid down and rolled in the sand.
Sister pic
The sun was sunny
Love this one of Elsie
Off to find the wet sand
Full bucket
Water from the ocean...full of tiny fish!
So sweet and innocent :)
Pretty and wind blown
Family shot, right after Eric woke from a snooze
Eric and the girls off to explore
They climbed the huge sand hill and then explored the area. They were exploring for about 45 minutes! I just read and relaxed, so nice.


Faith said...

So fun. Love those family day trips..the weather looks amazing

Jenne said...

I am glad you had such great weather. don't you think that would be a fun place to vacation as a family sometime?

Mae said...

I love your pictures. I want to go to a beach in Oregon some day. It looks beautiful.
And Jenne- I think it would be a real fun place to vacation as a included, hehehe.

Jenne said...

Yes, mae. YOU INCLUDED!! the more the merrier - and the more grandparent hands the better!!!