Monday, August 30, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

I am struck lately with how easy I fall into being discontent. I don't want to be like that. And it seems that I can either spend a lot of my time being in want, or I can spend a lot of time being thankful. I can't focus on both because there just isn't enough time. And once you focus on one, it's hard to focus on the other. So, I am going to join Ginger and all the others over at A Holy Experience and start counting my blessings and gifts. Each Monday I am going to add to my list, until after a while I get to 1000 blessings. I am looking forward to focusing on all the ways that God is taking care of me, teaching me, training me, and loving me. Join me if you like!

1. My family, who I grew up with and raised me. There has been so much love and support between these four people for decades and decades and I am so thankful for the family that God placed me in to grow up with.
2. My Mama-in-love and Dad-in-love. Both have treated me like a daughter since the day I married their son. They care deeply for Eric and I and are amazing grandparents to my kids. I am so blessed.
3. A messy faced kiddo enjoying strawberries from the garden.
4. Quiet moments during the day where one sleeps, another learns and discovers on her own, and I cross a few things off a never ending list.

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Faith said...

I'm going to join in too! I saw that on Ginger's blog and loved it:) Thanks for inspiring me too!

Ginger said...

So glad you've joined in. YOU inspired me with your's and Faith's little "Choose to Bloom" phrase/blog. Such a simple and powerful concept... thank YOU! ;)