Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oklahoma, part 2

Every day was full of fun times, either going to a fun place or doing a fun project or swimming in the pool that Mimi and Poppy got just for this occasion! The girls are very loved :) Bruce and Mae have done and amazing job at keeping their relationship with the girls a very close one even though we live so far apart.

Here are the girls outside of the Tulsa Aquarium. That pose of Elsie's just cracks me up!
Petting can't remember. But petting something in the water.
Eel. Yuck. But I have a funny video that I will post on another day of the eel and Elsie having a little run in.
Feeding the turtles. It was cool to watch them eat. Chomp chomp chomp.

This aquarium had one of those walk through shark tanks where they swim over you and all around you. It was pretty creepy to see a shark swim directly at you and then end up going over head. It was amazing. This one was napping, I guess, so we took a quick picture.

And some more swimming pictures. Oh they had a blast in the pool in the heat! I love this picture so much. In some pictures they just don't even look like sisters. Just like me and my sis never looked like each other. :)
Isn't this sweet!
Bubbles! Ready, inhale...
...and blow!
Shaving cream on the windows makes for tons of fun! And it cleans the windows too! I might have to bring this activity out again when we are needing some entertainment.
Okay, here are a few of Eric's buddies from high school. Luke on the left and Lloyd on the right. I loved hanging out with them (and their families who could make it) and hearing them laugh and hearing hilarious stories that made Eric laugh and laugh! It was such a great time.
The girls also got to go to the zoo with Mimi, and made a tea set and had a tea party, and played games and read books and cuddled the puppy and so much more! But I will end the post with a picture of the girls with their grandparents. Bruce works as a police officer at the airport which is why he's in uniform.
It was very sad to leave, and we can't wait for the next time we get to spend together. Jenna woke up in tears the morning after we flew home, "please can't we go back to Mimi and Poppy's house, please!?" Hopefully our next visit together will be soon, and on the West coast!


Jenne said...

great pictures and stories to go along. So, so glad you had that week together!

Faith said...

So glad you guys had a great time and captured some wonderful moments on camera!! the heat would have killed me I think:)