Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oklahoma, part 1

I have so many fun pictures from Oklahoma so I am going to break it up into a couple of posts. We had a great wonderful time with Eric's family, and we are so very thankful that we were able to visit Oklahoma this summer. Here's a glimpse of our journey!

Here's Eric and the girls checking out the airplane. We flew from Portland to Minneapolis to Tulsa, 3 1/2 hour flight, a quick layover where we had to walk about 2 miles from one side of the airport to the other (all of which Elsie pulled our rolling suitcase...she was determined!) and then another 2 hour flight and then a lost car seat and then a short drive to Bruce and Mae's house, lots of hugs and love, and then in bed by midnight Oklahoma time. Quite a day!

The next day was spent with family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, granny, and five 2nd cousins made for a very fun afternoon! The kids had a B-L-A-S-T playing together. The cousins (meaning Eric's cousins) had fun playing cards, and the aunts/uncles/granny/etc enjoyed watching the kids play. Here they are being little monkeys together.
We tried to get all the kids together for a picture, and this was my favorite of the 12 I took :)
And then there was the outdoor fun. Slip-n-sliding and swimming in the pool. The kids all slept well that night. They were worn out!

Here's cutie-pie Sam. He loved the slip-n-slide spray.
Here's Elsie and Aiden (oldest cousin). She followed him around all day, and then talked about her time playing with him for days later. It was pretty cute.


keely steger said...

It was so fun to see you guys. Wish we had more time together! (Perhaps even a night out, just the cousins!) LOVE that picture of Sam!

Faith said...

I love that Elsie was following him cute