Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elsie pics

Here's how I found Elsie when I went to check on her before I headed to bed. Asleep, hanging half off the bed.

And she couldn't open the door so she took to yelling to me through the cat door.


Ginger said...

That's awesome! She reminds me of Nessy a bit - I have a pic of her about this age asleep on top of her bed, but sheets and matress cover are stripped and the matress was caddy-wompus from the box springs. ??? Oh, they make us laugh if nothing else. :)

Loved the Jenna-ism's too!

Poppy said...

Elsie, you are amazing. I miss you and Jenna. I hope to see you soon.

Mae said...

Elsi looks so so cute through he doggie door. I wish I was on the other side to let her in. I miss our girls so much.