Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A last minute decision brought me and the girls to the Rose Festival Parade on Saturday, and I am so glad we went! Ryan went early and got us fantastic seats, the sun was sunny, and the kids had a blast! Here are some pictures....

Glover family, Ryan's parents, and the female Woods.
This was quite impressive, and a little unnerving! The motorcycles came so close!
Favorite float :) He was a hungry hippo.
Little tiny horse and carriage
My favorite poop scoop crew - Star Wars
These green guys were great.
It was such a fun day. I was wishing so much that Eric was with us. Next year we'll have to plan ahead!


Faith said...

FUN! I thought about going but worried that it would just be crowded. Looks wonderful. By the way, I have never thought you and Jenne look more alike than you do in this picture!

Mae said...

How fun. Maybe Mimi and Poppa can be there next year. Maybe?