Thursday, June 24, 2010

Black Butte 2010

We went to Black Butte for the third year in a row with my parents, my sister's family, and my grandma. Once again we had a WONDERFUL time. In fact, this year was my favorite so far. Now that the kids are getting a little older, we can do more things, and the kids are more independent so it's a little more of a vacation for all of us! I forgot my camera every time we went out somewhere, so I only took pictures in the house. The big ones are the ones I took - all of the down moments (there were only a few moments of rest) but they turned out cute. And the small pictures were from my sister's camera...hopefully she will send them to me full size soon!
Watching cartoons in the morning (side note, everyone slept great!!)

A little uno madness!
Watching a movie on the computer

Eating root beer floats. I love this picture because the boys are all being, well, themselves!
But I love this one too...great smiles
My grandma and Elsie

We took advantage of the programs they have for kids this year. Such as...
The slip and slide
And the rock wall.

We played at the parks
Here's a great shot of The Glovers!
And here's proof that my parents were there. Elsie had a blast with her grandpa!
We also rented a 4 seater bike thingy, and swam several times, and played tennis. None of which I took pictures of. And Eric would like to add, we were SO SORE from all the activity, but it was worth it for all the fun we had. I love love LOVE this vacation! If we could just add one or two days of waterskiing, and a couple extra days at the resort, it would be perfect.
Thanks mom and dad!!!


Anonymous said...

They had such fun! I remember when my kids were that little.... time flies.... Love your blog.

Mae said...

They are all growing too fast. Such cute pictures. Makes me miss them all so much.