Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Elsie (2 1/2) was trying to ride Jenna's bike. I said to her, "Elsie it's time to come in." And she said, "Just a minute mom, I have to try this for two more minutes."

Elsie picked up a rubber band from the kitchen counter and said, "What in the world is this?" And proceeded to put it on her hand and half way up her arm.

Jenna (5) said to Haley, "Haley, did you know that Elsie is the Queen of 'just a minute'?" I guess she heard me tell someone that.

Jenna said in the car, "I know why our car is so messy with toys mom, because it's a TOYota!"

Elsie: Boon-dayde = band-aid "I need a boon-dayde, it willy hooooorts!"

In bed the other night, Elsie was pulling out all the tricks, "I need a fwet-shirt, I'm FWEEEZING!" and "I DO need more milk" and "Please will you sing me another song for two more minutes?" and "can we play the nose kiss game last time?"

Jenna said, "Mom, is there any chores I can do this morning before Aubrey and Leah come over today?" Um, wow! Thank you sweet girl for making my day!


Shellee said...

Ha ha! Too cute!!

Faith said...

HA! Love it!

Jenne said...

I am surprised you did not include Elsie's conversation about the rain. You said, "We're not going outside because it's raining outside." To shich she responded, "It's not raining, Mama... It's pouring!"