Saturday, May 08, 2010

Oh dear

Last night, in tears, Jenna said to me, "Mom, I don't ever want to go to Kindergarden! I just want to stay home with you and homeschool!"

So, we are praying and working through some anxiety that Jenna is experiencing. But for now, if you see us around town could you do me a favor and NOT ask Jenna about Kindergarden? It is so far away, and she just doesn't need to worry about the unknown for months and months and months. I will write more about this later, when I have my head wrapped around the fact that my social and smart five year old doesn't want to go to school. I am thinking it will pass once she goes there and knows what kindergarden is all about, but until then I am praying a lot for my sweet baby girl. Wisdom, Lord, grant me wisdom in raising my kiddo.


Sara said...

so hard for you! Sweet, sensitive girlie. Does she enjoy going to Sunday School, or do you do a bible study, or anything else that you could compare it to, even remotely? She didn't do preschool, right? She will love it when she goes--if it's not one thing to pray for for our kids, it's another, right? I will be thinking of her and praying for you guys as the time gets closer, too, as A is starting this fall, too... :)

one of nettie's girls said...

I will certainly put this on my prayer list. It is heart wrenching when our little ones have anxiety. I hope you will be able to be a part of a Moms In Touch group. It can make such a difference.

Jenne said...

When you told me about this earlier I don't remember if I told you that BOTH boys were REALLLLY nervous to go. I think the nerves are pretty normal!

It is interesting what new wrinkles of a personality get to unfold and reveal themselves as kids get older and experience new things.

Praying for you both!

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,

We went through the same thing with Hannah! And even now, her third year almost over, is nervous about starting first grade next year. (And of course, once school starts and gets in the swing of things she loves it) Change and the's hard for all of us! :)

Hang in there!


Ginger said...

Hey Megan, Does the school she would go to have a Kindergarden round up? or social of some sort? I would even just call up the school and ask if you could arrange a time with a K-teacher, that she could visit and see the class in action, meet the potential teacher, etc. Just seeing the place helps a TON. Hang in there!

Mae said...

Oh Sweetie. I felt the same way. I was so timid but then I loved it after a few days.
Her daddy was so eager to go that when I took him to his room he looked up at me and waved his hand and said "bye mommy!" He loved the new adventure and loved all the stations full of different activities and new books.
She will do great as we pray for her. The next few months will help.