Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The rides

We rode a lot of rides all week. The weekday mornings were empty in the park so the lines were short which was so awesome! Here are some ride pictures...

Teacups (we got dizzzzzzy! But the kids didn't:)
The Rockets - they are faster than I remember!
Peter Pan - this was their first ride in D-land. Magical!
Carousal - they just watched Mary Poppins last week for the first time so they were both excited about this one!
Gadegt's gocoaster - first roller coaster
Storybook land - one of my favorites
Bumper bugs - slowest bumper cars ever
Spinning lady bugs - super fast!
Casey Jr. train in the monkey cage
The girls rode lots of other rides, and loved all of them. Well, most of them. We have video of Jenna on Splash Mountain that shows how very much she did NOT enjoy it. We all got DRENCHED and after the first small drop she was regretting her decision to ride. But we made it through - we kinda had to once the ride started! Their very favorite was Small World :)


Mae said...

Cute,cute, cute photos. I just love all the expressions that we all captured of our little princesses. They were so good and so much fun. I just want to go again with them. Can I? please....
I'm saving up.