Thursday, April 08, 2010

Black Butte 2010

For our 7th anniversary, Eric and I took the family on a fun vacation to Black Butte for a few days. It was so wonderful to be together, to stay in a beautiful home, to play in the snow, to swim, to watch movies, to read books, to relax, do a puzzle, and to enjoy one another. We felt so blessed to have the opportunity to do this together. Here are a few pictures from playing in the snow...

Elsie's round cheeks looked so cute in that hat... and she was wobbling around with all the layers we put on her!

Jenna wanted more than anything to have a snowball fight with Daddy. And so they did! Look at that mischievous look on her sweet face!

Sledding was a BLAST! We all took tons of turns down the slope. At one point we all four crowded onto one sled and mastered the hill! It was very funny.

And who needs to go out to a fancy dinner when you can spend a couple extra bucks at the grocery store and eat this fancy feast! Yummy! (Ok, going out it still really fun, but this was a very fun and special dinner.)
It was a WONDERFUL weekend.


Mae said...

I'm so glad you four got to get away and enjoy each other without interruptions. I love the pictures and your dinner looks fabulous and delicious.