Saturday, March 13, 2010

Worthwhile reading...

My husband sent me a link to this post. It puts into words some thoughts that he and I share about this life we are living. So, head over to "It's Almost Naptime" and read!


Faith said...

WOW..thanks for sharing. What an awesome reminder.

Ginger said...

Sooo, so right on the money. Thanks Megan, I might copy you and post on mine too.
btw, I was at the Fred Meyers in Beaverton yesterday - where there was a 5 o'clock people concert? or something in the Starbucks there many moons ago, and that's the first time I remember meeting you. After we walked away, I had to ask Eric, "Who was that again?" :) He kindly and patiently explained. Anyways, being there reminded me of you. :)

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