Sunday, March 07, 2010

Swim lessons

Jenna started swimming lessons last week and it has been so great for her. She has always been a bit timid in the pool, but loved the water.

Anyways, on her first day the teacher had her jump in AND dip her head and she did both without hesitation! She does what her teacher tells her to do, and her teacher is stretching her further than she has ever been willing to go! As much as I love teaching Jenna new things, it is amazing to see what happens when she is taught by someone else. And with kindergarden right around the corner...well, that is the world she is just about to enter so I am so happy to see her succeed on her own with a new teacher.

She made little friends right away, she works hard, and she LOVES her lessons.

Elsie on the other hand was miserable watching Jenna in the pool. She wanted to be in SO BAD! So I am going to leave her at home as much as possible, and we are going to try to do a family swim time at Mt. Hood sometime soon.

The progression of these pictures is as follows: 1. Waiting for her turn to jump in. 2. Jumping in (she is the splash) 3. Done with her turn, all soaked and happy.


Anonymous said...

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Jenne said...

go Jenna, GO!

Christina said...

Oh my gosh, seeing those photos brought all these memories of swim lessons flooding back! I completely remember the smell of the chlorine and sitting on that little ledge waiting for my turn - SO NERVOUS. It took me ages to finally learn how to swim. Who would've thought I'd end up on swim team and loving the water?

Anyway, your girls are - as always - completely adorable.