Friday, January 01, 2010

Bible Read thru

Last year Eric and I did a Bible read through together, and yesterday we both finished the Bible (actually the Bible 1 1/2 times) in a year. It was so great to do it, and to do it together. I thought I would share the link to the one we did, and a few other links that someone out there might enjoy.

The read thru we did took us through the entire Old Testament once, Psalms twice, and the New Testament twice. You read about 4 chapters a day, each chapter from a different part of the Bible. For example on January 1, you read Genesis 1/Matthew 1/Ezra 1/Acts 1. The nice thing is that you aren't spending months just reading 2 Chronicles or Numbers. You read them for months but at the same time you are reading Hebrews and Psalms or something. In a year you can read the Bible 1 1/2 times! Here is a LINK to a number of plans, this one is called M'Cheyne.

A more challenging plan is found through my college professor, Grant Horner. He has a plan where you read 10 chapters a day, from 10 lists that he has made. You read parts of the Bible over and over, and other parts only once or twice in a year. It isn't a year long plan but I think that in a year you would get through the Bible about 5 times. You can read all about it if you want - the facebook page is called Prof. Horner's Bible-Reading System. If you can't find it, let me know and I will invite you through facebook.

Anyways, there are lots of other plans out there. I just thought that since it is the New Year, I would give some links in case anyone was interested. If you do want to read the whole Bible, don't just start in Genesis and finish in Revelation. I mean, you can if you want but it is a hard way to go. Try a plan that keeps you in the New and Old testament all year long.

**EDIT** By the way, HERE is a link to the one that I have chosen this year. It flies through the OT and goes slowly through the NT. It goes through the Bible in a year, 25 readings a month, allowing for 5 days to either read/study something else or catch up or skip a day. I am always reading something else or needing to study a chapter for teaching Sunday school so this flexibility helps a lot.


Jenne said...

thanks for the encouragement, Megan! I am going to check this out.