Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A few things we have been up to...

Spending time with neighbors
Bonding as sisters
(They are so cute together... 80% of the time)
Bringing out the beans for Elsie
(She loves making a mess with the beans. Loves it.)
Ridding the house of mice
(Ew, gross)
Sorting out mail fraud
(this was suppose to be shoes for Eric and clothes for the girls)
Trying to spend some time outside on these beautiful but cold days

And honestly, forgetting to take out the camera much.


Mae said...

Awe they look so cute and so happy. Lots of fun. I miss my girls.

keely steger said...

Really? You had to show a picture of the mouse? Really? Couldn't you have scrounged up another picture of those cute girls?

Megan said...

Really, I really did have to show a picture of the mouse. Why? Well because my husband found the mouse and took a picture and made sure to show me when I got home. And so I show you.

Anonymous said...

Such cute daughters you have!
And sorry to hear about the mail fraud. No one likes feeling like they've been had. (found your blog through Glam Life HW). Merry Christmas to you and your family! And God Bless!