Thursday, November 05, 2009

quote, elsie's vocab, and pics

Just wanted to write down a few things so I don't forget them!

Elsie has a pretty cute way of talking right now. She doesn't say her "Js" or her "Th" or "Gs" and a few others too. So, here is a glimpse of how she speaks...

"I take-a my bammies off" (I took my pajamas off) (the rest of the sentence should be, 'and now I am standing here naked, but don't worry I put my diaper in the garbage')

"Watch....dis....mama" (this phrase is said with big pauses between each word)

"A boo-boo bunny doh?" (where did the boo-boo bunny go?) "Aah, in da house? it wite der" (is it in the house? It's right there?!)

"da pinedess" a princess
"appo-dase" applesauce
"pinedess you-e-you" (princess ariel)
"de-uh" (jenna)

"" (one, two, three, four, five)

Jenna Quote:
I needed the computer for a moment (Jenna was using it at the time) and so I said, "I'll be done in just a second and then you can play again." And she responded just like this, "Then you will go back to pbs kids dot org slash read?"

One of my favorite things is that Jenna can understand and translate for Elsie. It is so cute and sweet. If I can't figure out what Elsie is saying, I just ask Jenna and 95% of the time she can translate!


one of nettie's girls said...

Priceless! You will be so glad you wrote this stuff down.

Jenne said...

i love that Elsie managed to fit a violent word into her numbers scheme. Ohhhh! Noooo! It's Elsie!! and SHE'S GONNA COUNT!! AAAAHHHHHHH!