Thursday, November 12, 2009


Sometimes in the midst of parenting, I loose my focus. I forget my purpose. I get discouraged. I just survive. But in the low times, I fall to God for help and for wisdom and for patience. Praise God who gives these to us freely! The Lord encouraged me and guided me this morning through a wonderful woman named Joy. She spoke at Mom to Mom (a great ministry at Good Shepherd Community Church - if you are a young mom needing encouragement, you should consider checking it out!) this morning and my heart was encouraged, my burden was lightened, my focus was made clear once again. I am so thankful that God takes good care of my heart and my soul. I am back on track, running the race full speed ahead. I LOVE the high calling of following God as a wife and mom!


Mae said...

Megan you are doing a fantastic job as a wife to my son and as mommy to my two priceless grand daughters. I'm grateful to our Lord that you are able to stay home and to sacrifice "stuff" in order to be with Jenna & Elsie all day long and not leave them in day care or with someone who cannot love them as you do. I know it gets lonely at times and rough at times but we see your progress every time we chat with our girls. I desire to be nearer to you all within a year and I can give you some relief. I would love that more than anything.
Keep on keepin on...God bless you sweet one.
I'm honored to be your mother-in-law.