Sunday, October 04, 2009

A typical day...

The day goes by and 7:15pm hits and I collapse on the couch, exhausted. The house is a mess, dishes in the sink, quiet time only partially done, and my energy is gone. What is the deal!? I was thinking through what makes up a typical day for me and I realized why I'm so tired. It's my tornado of a 2 year old!

Just to give an example, here is a snippet of her life. Just a 30 minute period from the time we got home from church to the time she went down for a nap.

1. Came in from church and went straight to the computer to see what gadgets she could unplug.
2. Spilled her water
3. Spit out her chewed up food, all over the floor
4. Fell out of her chair, spilling food all over the floor
5. Tried to put her bowl of cold soup in the sink and instead dumped it all over her head
6. Ran around crazy trying to avoid being put to bed
7. Crashed in bed, asleep the instant she was wrestled onto her pillow.

OH, and here's what happened BEFORE church
1. I had a diaper on her (she is potty training) for church
2. She took her diaper off
3. She went into the bathroom and did #2 on the floor.
4. She took some tp and tried to clean up her mess.
5. She proceeded to step in her #2 and get it all over her hands
6. She came ran through the house looking for us to let us in on her adventures.
(I had JUST said to Eric, "Where's Elsie, she's been quiet for a couple minutes.)

My precious tornado is worth every exhausting moment.

Later that day I found her feeding the cat...


one of nettie's girls said...

Wow! You must have interesting days. She is very different from Jenna, isn't she?

Jenne said...

Oh Megan.

(I wish you could hear my sympathic yet giggly tone.)

Mae said...

oh our little Elsie Mae. She is such fun and so full of adventure. It sounds like she really wants to help her mommy out---she is just to young and too short. What a little mess. (hehehe) now wonder you are so exhausted. I got exhausted reading through her list.
She is priceless.

Pate Family said...

I SSSSOOOO understand.

Shellee said...

This is too funny! And cute. ;-)

Alison said...

I got tired just reading this, so I can't even imagine how you must feel after living it!

Mae said...

Elsie just needs Mimi and Poppy time.