Thursday, October 22, 2009

new things

Do you like my new look? There is something about a new fresh look that makes me very happy.

Here's another new thing... I just canned 11 jars of jam! This is my first year trying my hand at canning, and so far I semi-stink at it. I mean, everything is sealing and I think everything will taste good when it is opened in a few months. But I am so messy, and my kitchen is so small, and I really wish that I would have invited my grandma over to help me do this!

Here's a rundown of my experience so far...

Batch #1: ONE jar of applesauce (quart size). All the work I did, and I yielded one jar.
Batch #2: Four jars (quarts) of applesauce, chunky, yummy applesauce!
Batch #3: One quart and one little jar (pint?) of (floating) pears. I don't know if floating is okay or not.
Batch #4: Eleven little jars of SUGARY YUMMY blackberry jam. I think it will be very delicious.


Faith said...

good job!! i'm sure it will be yummy. where did you get the berries? did it take a ton to do 11 jars? i recently made a bunch of applesauce and made it in ice cube trays (and transferred to ziplocks) to save for brynn. that's all i have ever done but i was very proud of myself because i used to think i would never make anything like that, i hope to someday learn to can.

Faith said...

and yes, i like your new look. it's funny becaues i just changed my background and i was going to add our family pic at the top too but it didn't work out..i am the same way though. a new blog template makes me happy:) and i LOVE discovered it myself:)

one of nettie's girls said...

The family photo is my favorite part of your new look, although it is all gorgeous. Good for you for trying your hand at canning. I used to do it and got out of the habit years ago. It's a good thing to do for your family and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Megan: Love your blog. You and Anna should get in touch. She's quite the canner...and floating pears are okay. There's a way to avoid it. Call if you wish but I'm sure you have others around you who are knowledgable. Your girls are beautiful and your focused attention on your home is remarkable. Joan Petersen