Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hood River Fruit

A couple weeks ago, our family went to Hood River for some family apple/pear picking and farm animal visiting. Sadly, my info was a little off - we were 2 weeks late for pears, and a month early for apples. But we still had a good time, making the best of our family outing!

Elsie wanted to squeeze the fruit SOOOOO bad but the farm lady said "no touching the fruit."
She wanted to go THAT way
A fun big swing
Love this one of daddy and his girlies

Then they really started swinging... woh daddy!
We picked 7 winter pears that are now sitting in a cold place for 2 months before we can eat them. Interesting huh!
You knew he was talented, but did you know about his juggling skills!?! The girls are always very impressed. The follow his lead by throwing several things in the air. Watch out!
Elsie picked her own pear (off the ground)
Jenna picked her own pear (and took down a limb)

Perfect picture spot
Out comes the silliness!
You know your little girl is getting old when she says, "ewww, they smell!"
Elsie would have climbed in and hopped on if we'd have let her.
And then they giggled and played a funny game *most* of the ride home.
Good day with the family. Maybe we will go back for the real apple season! (By the way, we also bought 5 'applesauce' apples and I canned for the first time! That right, I canned ONE can of applesauce. I was nervous so I started really small.)


Faith said...

Great pics. Love family time and love your family. I HEART fall.

Jenne said...

you tell a great family story.

Mae said...

I love all the pictures. I love how Elsie is looking up at mommy and I dearly love the one of Eric and his girls. so so cute. E actually looks rested. No bags under his eyes. love you all.