Friday, October 30, 2009

His Love

Jenna and I have been doing some home-school pre-school this fall. It is a curriculum that I borrowed from a friend, along with some supplimental material that I find on the internet from sites like this and this. Anyways, yesterday we were learning about the letter D and the word "delight". Our verse was, "God will take great delight in you" from Zepheniah 3. Anyways, I had her go get her blankie, her very very special blankie (the curriculum asked the children to get a special doll, but Jenna cares more for her blankie) and two other blankies from the house. We talked about the differences in the blankets, how some are big and some are small etc etc. Then I asked her which was her favorite. She quickly lunged at her special blankie. I then asked why it was her favorite since it wasn't the most colorful or the biggest or the softest. She said, "Because it is MINE". Exactly. God takes great delight in us because we are His children. My oh my this totally hit home with Jenna. The look on her face was priceless - she truly had a deeper understanding of God's love, and so did I.

To think that God delights in me the way that Jenna delights in her blankie, or the way that I delight in my daughters... well, it's a life changing love.


Faith said...

wow. precious megan!

one of nettie's girls said...

Your girls are so fortunate to have you for a mother. Great job.

Amber said...

that is so awesome. i can't wait to check out those sites. thanks for sharing!

Sara said...

oh my eyes are leaking...(grin!). Love this!! Especially the scripture that she wrote!!

Mae said...

How sweet and how special Megan. I love those kind of moments when such a practical illustration turns the light on for little ones to gain a higher view of God.
God bless you as you continue to follow His leading in teaching my grand daughters.
You have proven over and over again of the values that God has given to me in answer to my many years of prayer for my son's wife.
I am indeed blessed to have you as my daughter-in-love...I love you more than you can imagine.