Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Elsie!

Happy Birthday Elsie Mae!

Elsie turned TWO today! We had a little family celebration this morning, a couple little gifts and a homemade sign (Jenna chose the stickers and wrote Elsie's name)
Birthday breakfast was scrambled eggs, bananas, and zucchini bread with candles to blow out!
She has such a great smile!
Here she is focused on coloring her picture.
Notice - it is a Disney on Ice sheet to show her and Jenna that we are going on Saturday! (Wonderful gift from Mimi! The girls are going to love it)
She really liked the sweatshirt!
I can't believe it has been two years since Elsie joined our family! She is such a fun kid! We love her so much. She laughs, acts silly to make us laugh, loves her sister and the cat, and is a daddy's girl. She copies everything that Jenna does and says. She talks so cute right now, I need to video her talking more. She pushes all the boundaries we give her :) She is messy and creative, she loves taking care of her baby dolls, she loves trucks and cars, she loves being outside. We love you Elsie Mae!!


Bronwyn said...

Yeah!!! Happy Birthday Elsie! We love your enthusiasm for life and sweet smile!

Jenne said...

I just love-love-love this girl. She absolutely has my heart!!

I can't believe you are two, E.M. And on the other hand, you are so "advanced" that i can't believe you are only just now turning two.

Bruce said...

Happy birthday, Elsie. You are a wonderful gift that I got on your birthday. I love you soooooooo much. Poppy

Mae said...

Megan I love your new blog look.