Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beach Weekend

We spent this past weekend in Long Beach, WA with my side of the family playing at the beach and having a wonderful time. Here are some of my favorite moments and pictures...

I love this picture of my mom and I with the girls. My mom had two girls, and now I have two girls. She raised Jenne and I really well, helping us to be friend for life. I hope I can do the same for my girls.

Elsie loved the beach and the water and the sand. She loved it.
Jenna had a great time playing in the sand. She could have spent hours, had it not been so chilly!
After dinner one evening, we all got super bundled up and headed to the beach for a walk. It was SO windy, but so fun too!
Cute pic
I set the camera on my shoe and did a timer shot. I am not sure what that flying saucer in the sky is, and it looks like Weston is a glowing angel. But for a dark shoe shot, it's pretty decent!
Elsie was sleepy and cuddled with my dad the whole walk home. I think he enjoyed the cuddles!