Friday, September 18, 2009


This is the first born son of Eric's best friend from High School. He was born at 26 1/2 weeks gestation. Word spread fast that this little baby was on the way and people started praying. God has shown his healing power in little Max's body over and over again. Max came out screaming - breathing on his own with fully developed lungs! He has been able to take in some of his mom's milk. He is thriving for a premature baby. But of course he still has a long road ahead. We are all continuing to pray for this little new life. If you think of him, pray too!


Shellee said...

I've been wondering you connection to Whitney. So, her brother (Luke?) is Eric's bff? ;-) I think I stumbled across her blog (from yours) a year or so ago and I love the way she writes!

This has got to be pretty scary for the family, but it truly shows what a miracle life really is! I've been praying for them!