Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 2, part 2

So, about 3 hours before we needed to be at the museum for pictures, I headed off to get my hair and make-up done with the women, and Eric stayed with the girls to give them a nap. So that both could sleep, we put Elsie's porta-crib in the bathroom and Jenna slept in the room. Elsie woke up about 30 minutes into her nap with a poo diaper and wouldn't go down quietly so Eric waited a while and then put her down again around 2:00. At 3:15 Eric started hearing Elsie, "Daddy! Daddy!" So he went in and this is what he found. Elsie had somehow reached my make-up bag and for probably an hour had been applying it to her sweet little face. The porta-crib was a wreck, Elsie's face was covered in make-up, there was lipstick in her hair, her hands were red from lipstick, she had painted the counter and door with make-up, it was a disaster. She hadn't slept but about 30 minutes and we needed to be at pictures in about a half hour.

Where to even start!?!? Eric gave her a bath and scrubbed her silly, and then I used some gentle make-up remover on her face. Then we called Eric's mom and asked, "How late can we be for pictures?" We put Elsie down for a power nap, got the rest of the family ready for the wedding and just prayed that Elsie would be okay for pictures and the wedding.

We had to wake her up for pictures, and she was M-A-D at us for putting a fancy dress and jewelry on her, and putting her hair up was NOT even an option at the moment. We headed to the museum. She was pretty cranky for pictures, but did well enough to get some cute pictures of the family and wedding party. And then came the wedding and reception and the dancing...and as everyone at the wedding got to witness, this girl can party and dance all night long.

Wedding and reception post later...