Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 2 in Monterey, part 1

Day two started with some cuddles and Mimi and Poppy, an exciting parachute drop (you know, the little toys) from the 6th floor of the hotel, and lots of running up and down the hall until everyone was awake and ready to go. We headed to the pier for some fun and food. We saw some GINORMOUS jellyfish, and a sea lion in a boat near the dock. Aunt Jan and Granny bought the kids an early sweet treat, and then we headed to a delicious lunch on the pier. It was a very fun morning. Notice the picture of the girls and their (2nd) cousin Noah all touching the lobster? Not a proud parenting moment for me. Jenna argued with Noah for a good 5 minutes about the fact that this was not a crab but was a lobster (he's 3, give the kid a break!) and Elsie kept pushing Noah away, claiming the lobster-crab as her own. Lovely. But other than that, they had a great time with their sweet cousins, Noah and Sam. By the way, those two are adorable! It was fun to actually see them in person finally!!

Well, I am going to save the next event for it's very own post. The dreaded "Elsie + make-up = disaster" post. Stay tuned for that one, and then THE WEDDING!


keely steger said...

Your girls were fine! Noah needs to be around those foreign creatures (girls, that is) more often!

Mae said...

I love all the photos and I miss waking up to our two precious grands. Life is just too short to be so far far away.