Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 1 in Monterey

Our time in Monterey for Eric's sister's wedding was wonderful. We were only able to be there for 48 hours, but we packed lots of fun and TONS of family into each waking hour.

Packing is getting easier and easier with each trip we make. I thought about packing Elsie in this suit case since we didn't purchase a seat for her. Jenna is great on the plane, just coloring quietly or watching a little video or looking out the window. Elsie is still a bit of a handful but she did pretty well. Though we didn't buy her a seat for the plane, the Lord knew better than us that having her on our laps would be IMPOSSIBLE, so He blessed us with an extra seat both times. She was so wiggly and messy and all over the place! But she was quiet this trip, which was a big difference from our last trip. In January when we flew, she has just discovered that she could scream (joyfully). It was so hard to keep her quiet that journey. This time she just flirted with everyone around her, opened and closed the window shade, turned on and off the light, buckled her seat belt about 1,004 times, sat in my lap, got off my lap, asked for a book, dropped it on the floor, got down to get it, got back up, buckled her belt again, climbed out of her belt while it was buckled, etc etc. She was very busy. Both kids enjoyed the journey.

When we arrived, we of course headed to In 'n Out for lunch. Eric was determined to eat there as many times as possible. 48 hours = 2 times at In 'n Out. Not enough for my husby, plenty for me :) Poppy drove us to Monterey where we promptly put Elsie down for a nap before the rehearsal. The rehearsal went really well, Keri and Jason were so excited and ready for this day. They laughed and laughed, gave everyone involved in the wedding amazing gifts, and then treated us all to bowling, pizza, and beer after. We had a little time to kill before bowling so we went to Dennis the Menace park to let the kids run around. SUCH A FUN PARK!! Bowling was great, Jenna did quite well and Elsie just ran around trying to find which bowling ball we would finally let her touch (sorry kiddo, no bowling balls for you.) We stayed until 10pm and then took the kids home to crash.

To be continued...


Mae said...

What a riot little Elsie must have been on the plane. She hardly ever sits still though. We had so much fun with the girls even though it was too short they still brought us such joy and laughter. We need to plan a family vacation with our complete family.