Sunday, August 23, 2009

Butterfly, kitty, and other stuff

A couple weeks ago, Gresham Bible Church and Cornerstone had a joint service at Oxbow Park. It was great to meet together, and to be with the church body that cares for our church so much. Anyways, there was a face painter there and Jenna waited in line for probably 35 minutes to become this beautiful butterfly! I wish I had a video of her first moments as a butterfly. She had these huge eyes and was guiding her body around with her face, making sure that people noticed (but without actually saying "look at me!") She was thrilled!

We are still loving Sammy. Look at him snuggle with Eric...isn't that sweet :)

And Jenna is getting more bold with him. And Sammy LOVES her. He always wants to be in her room with her, and jumps in her lap. It's pretty cute.
He's remote size

Here's the girls playing with the neighbors. They all have a lot of fun together.

Jenna modeling with a tomato. We got a book at the library called "Grow it Cook it" that has been really fun to read together. Her love for gardening is growing, and it is giving me new ideas on how to garden with my kids.


Sara said...

so i can't stand cats, but that little one is so stinkin' cute!!

Mae said...

I love the pictures. So cute. Keep them coming.

one of nettie's girls said...

The one of the four kids on the bed is adorable. It looks like it was taken by a professional. What a great moment captured for them with their friends.

Jenne said...

Jenna's got some cute poses goin' on. And that yellow dress is just right on her.

keely steger said...

See Jenna strike yet another pose on my blog!! :)