Monday, July 27, 2009

Spunky Elsie

Meet Elsie, at 21 months old...

She comes over to me any time I am sitting down and tries to lift me up while saying, "up, up, up, up, up" while her voice gets higher and higher with each "up".

She calls baby Drake (cousin), "buddy" and is constantly concerned for him. She finds wherever he is sleeping and goes into the room and talks to him. We hear her in the monitor and race to the room to rescue poor tired Drake. Usually she is saying "bye baby, night buddy" over and over again and he is giggling. He really likes Elsie when he has the protection of his crib. Without the crib, he gets a little nervous at her up close and personal squeals of delight in his face.

Juice = "doof"

She named her stuffed dog, "Annie" but it sounds more like "Aunnie". Actually, she calls all dogs Annie, and any other animal is a "moo".

Milk = mauwp

She often asks, "where'd Nenna Doh?" (where did jenna go?) followed by "oh, why?"

Her favorite words, "why" and "uh huh" but mostly, "no".

Silly thing: When she tries to show off, she squishes her face back toward her neck and makes these funny shifty eyes, spins around in a circle and falls on the ground, and then rolls around a few times. It is so funny.

Also, any time Jenna does something cool, Elsie tries to mimic her. Jenna will say, "watch this mom" and climb up and jump off any given thing. Elsie will immediately say, "ach dis mom, ach dis" and try to do what Jenna just did. They go back and forth, showing me all their cool tricks. It is hilarious to watch them perform.

Not so fun: Elsie won't sit in the shopping cart (well, she will if I strap her down and let her scream the whole time, but that is actually a very unpleasant shopping experience for EVERYONE within a 2 mile radius.) She doesn't share very well. She pushes and hits other kids (ahhh!!!). She knows how to push Jenna's buttons, and Weston's too (cousin). We're working on all these things. Some she will out grow, and some will require some serious training :)

More fun things...

She can count, if counting means "one, two, three, two, two, two."

She LOVES all animals. Sometimes it looks like she is going to explode with delight when she is near a cat or a dog.

Elsie tries to out-sing Jenna, which is a challenge in both number of big words, volume, and duration. Jenna is a singer, and Elsie is following in her footsteps. Elsie sings her words as loud as she can any time Jenna is trying to sing.

That's sweet, spunky, 21 month old Elsie Mae.


Sara said...

so sweet! I love the little glimpse into your life with one of your kiddos!!

one of nettie's girls said...

You will be so glad that you writing these things down. Oh how I wish I had journaled when my babies were babies!

Bruce said...

It would seem that Elsie is a "Wood" to the bone. I got deja vu all over again as I read your blog. What a wonderful little girl. Both of my granddaughters are amazing. Thank you, Megan, for being the great mom and wife you are. One week to go until I get to see all of you. Can't wait.

Mae said...

Oh I miss my girls. They are so much fun. I love to hear their voices. I like it when I say something to Elsie and she says "Whattttt!" so so funny. I love her "cheeeeeessssssseeeeeee" smile. I just love her to pieces and Jenna too. I get to see them in one week. Yipee. Thank You Lord for getting us all together in one place next weekend.
Megan i agree 100% with Poppa...You are the best of mommy's. You do a super job with our babies. I know you get exhausted but great is your reward. Hang in there's all worth it. I can still see it in E and Ker. The best job I ever had was being a momma to those 2 and a granny to our new 2.

Anonymous said...

i love babies! brian wont have one(low sperm count) so we're getting a brazilian or ethopian grandchild on our next mission trip.

Pam Wood

anonymous (not pam wood) said...

wait...that wasn't anonymous.

Megan said...

Hmmm, I am pretty sure that those last two comments were not from Aunt Pam, but probably from her son? Yes? You crack me up Brian!