Sunday, May 31, 2009

At the River

My dad took me and the girls out on the boat today.
It was so beautiful and great fun. The girls loved every minute of it!

Elsie driving the boat

Splashing the water at the side of the boat

Jenna really wanted to wear a hat and the only one I had that fit her was one of Elsie's baby hats. She loved it, and looked like a little sailor or fisherman :) Anyways, here's Jenna dipping her feet into the frigid river water! Both kids loved sitting on the swim deck splashing the water.
Grandpa with the girls
Thanks again Dad!


Jenne said...

oh HOW FUN! Glad you got to do that. I can't wait for an opportunity to do that, too (grow up quick Drake!...No, wait - don't do that, baby!!).

Mae said...

Oh how fun for all 4 of you. What a special time together. Makes me jealous..but it's a healthy jealous. I love those girls so much!